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Vascular Interventions is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure with advanced, cutting edge technology machines. We specializein treating blood vessel and lymphatic system conditions (vascular diseases) using Minimally Invasive Procedures. At Vascular Interventions we’re committed to providing innovative and safe alternatives to traditional open surgery, our surgeons can perform complex and delicate procedures through small incisions with unmatched precision.

During a minimally invasive procedure, surgeons make several small incisions in the skin - just a few millimeters, in some cases. A long, thin tube with a miniature camera attached at the end (called an endoscope) is passed through one of the incisions. Images from the endoscope are projected onto monitors in the operating room so surgeons can get a clear (and magnified) view of the surgical area. Special instruments are passed through the other openings. These instruments allow the surgeon to perform the surgery by exploring, removing, or repairing whatever's wrong inside the body.

  1. Varicose & Spider Veins
  2. Uterine Fibroids
  3. Renal Artery Stenting
  4. Peripheral Artery Disease
  5. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

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Here are some testimonials given by our Patients

Within 4 hours my Laser treatment was done and I was back watching TV with my kids. I went resumed work from Monday. My legs feel so much better. Thank You!

Radhika , 37 Yr Banking Executive

I am very happy with the top class service that I received. I have recommended many of my colleagues from the force to see Dr.Joshi as I feel many more can benefit from this revolutionary treatment.

Sanjay, 59 Yr Retired Policeman

I could not believe that there would be NO STICHES. When I opened the crepe bandage the next day, I was amazed to see NO STICHES! My office gave me 3 days off to recuperate which I spent happily partying! Thank you all.

Sunil, 29 Yr Stock Broker

It took about 45 minutes to save my life ! I am so glad that this technology exists and people like me can live healthier lives because of the expertise of these doctors.

Amit , 56 Yr Manager

Less Pain

Minimally Invasive Surgery procedures cause less post-operative pain and discomfort. Dr. Jathin Rai is renowned Vascular Surgeon specializing minimally invasive procedures of diffrent venous diseases like Vericose Veins, Uterine Fibroids Renal Artery Stenting.


MIS procedures use video-assisted equipment, the surgeon has better visualization and magnification of internal organs and structure. For patients, this translates into a more accurate and definitive procedure. Vein clinic brings you the most advanced and cutting-edge medical technologies and equipment to ensure best in class services

Faster Recovery

Shorter hospital stay and quicker return to normal activities. Patients who undergo MIS procedures are usually able to go home sooner.Dr. Jathin Rai’s patient centric approach enables and ensures quicker recovery.

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